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Shandong Zibo Jiaxiang Castor Seed Industry Technology Co.,Ltd. is the only technological seed compamy in China which is engaged in professional castor seed research,production,promotion and technology services .Huang Jiaxaing.board chairman of the company,has been professionally engaged in the cross-breeding castor seed selection and breeding for 36 years and he is praised as the "first person in China for castor cross-breeding and utilization.The level of castor cross-breeding and breeding is advanced in China and "Jiaxiang" brand hybrid castor seeds have won praise from users at home and abroad with the production and sale scale being the first in China.

The company's headquarters covers an area of 55,000 square meters,with a reserach office building of 3300 square meters,processing and storage warehouse of 2200 square meters and 3000 square meters of drying yard;have a professional and complete castor seed processing equipment.

In Sanya in Hannan,Huocheng in Xinjing,Tongyu in Jinlin,Wuyuan in Inner Mongonlia,Nanning in Guangxi,breeding experiment stations have been established and the fixed experiment demonstration bases are 20 hectares,with R&D staff of 28 people,including 8 people with intermediate and senior professional titles.Success of independently innovated "two-line method","heterologous three-line method","two-line method of single flower inbred line" and other castor hybrid seed production technology systems,and cooperation with three higher research institutions to make sure of the molecular markers,gene improvement &conversion,and other modern bio-breeding techniques for breeding,have made the company realize the goal of high yield,high purity and high male recovery rate and low cost for castor hybrid seed production.At present,the company has more than 600 of castor germplasm resources at home and abroad,among which there are 48 high quality germplasm resources.In recent years,the company has successfully introduced tropical and subtropical wild germplasm and took initiative in space castor breeding,and in disease resistance breeding,insect resistance breeding,drought resistance breeding and ratoon perennial breeding,has made a number of castor hybrid generation suitable for different climatic conditions at home and abroad,of which 10 have passed the provinval and identification and won three national patents.

The company has 300 hectares of castor hybrid seed production base,and the produced seed are all carefully selected and packed,divided into 800 grains,500g,5kg fine packaging.The company has branches in Urumqi in Xinjiang,Linhe in Inner Mongonlia,Changling in Jilin,Taiyuan in Shanxi,Kunming in Yunnan,with 28 agents for castor hybrid seeds above the county level across the country,with annual production of first-generation castor hybrid seeds for 250,000 to 350,000 kg.

In recent years,the company has made efforts to expand overseas markets and from 2007 to 2012,export of first-generation castor hybrid seeds to more than a dozen countries,including Ethiopia,the Philippines,India,Malaysia,Brazil, Laos,Vietnam,Korea,Mozambique,Uganda,Paraguay,Ganbia and Negiria is about 60t and also there are 80 sets of castor threshing and selecting machine of research and production.

Develop agriculture with science and technology,and serve the country with industry.The company takes the revitalization of the national seed industry and the development of green energy as its mission,together with domestic and foreign colleagues to create the flagship of the international castor seed indusry.

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